Lets get started

techs logoAs you can see there has been a bit of a purge on the site of late. We now have a dedicated jobs section on the site, where employers for a nominal fee, can now register and manage their employment listings. With a bit of luck it will attract companies across the industry and as it is now automated, it will now free up some my time. Nothing worse than being on my knees, working in a cellar in the day and then having to spend an hour on the computer when I get home. All this should have taken a few hours, but as usual it’s been a few days.

There are still a lot of people visiting the site but not so many posting these days. With new people registering all the time.

“I still can’t believe after all this time people haven’t heard of us, we have been going seven years”.

So instead of 2000 hits a month lets get it back up to the heady days of 50,000 I’m open to suggestions, would like this site to be more than just a job site. So those that are interested and there are a few of you, lets have the ideas rolling in.

Those of you who have a story to tell, serious, technical or funny “lets hear it”. Anyone can join this section of the site and will be able to post on this blog.

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