The New Forum

techs logoFor the last few months or so I have had to stop all new members joining the old forum.  If you look at active users down the bottom it will show you what we are up against, those are spambots attacking the site.  At one point we had 700 new registrations a day so in the end I just had to close it down, I was using a stop forum spam plugin at one point and that helped a bit, but as this forum software isn’t supported any more we were fighting a losing battle.


So what to do next, we could close the site down completely, but there are still quite few people using the site for example when we post a new job a lot turn up as we are still emailing 220 plus job subscribers.

So I have put together a new forum like the old one with a hidden board set up on the main site. With a bit of luck you will be able to register and start posting straight away.  Yes please start posting! there are a new generation of techs out there now.  8 years ago we couldn’t stop them talking so the issues haven’t gone away or have they? Just keep starting new topics like you do on facebook. This forum still has a lot of options that I still haven’t found out about so give a go and tell the rest of us.

Also the Job Centre is fully back up and running, this is also using new software, the old software was a bit clunky and didn’t work very well hopefully this will be ok.

As from today you will be unable to post on the old forum but will still be able to access it for nostalgia reasons.

If you can please now join the new forum you will then see the hidden board. And also to keep your anonymity and to stop you forgetting, keep the username and anonymous name the same.

Any problems you can email me through the contact us link.

Be careful out there